🎥 Will a Gas Engine Run on Diesel? Let’s find out!

If you’ve ever been traveling and needed to fill your car up with fuel, you might have noticed that there is a gasoline and diesel pump. While the diesel pump’s tip is larger in diameter than your gas tank will allow for, it really leads you to wonder what would happen if you put diesel fuel in your gasoline powered car. Would it continue to run as normal or would it have a hard time processing the new source of fuel? Well, this time, we check out someone who had just that question and decided that they would put it to the test, using a small internal combustion engine, normally powered by gasoline, and throwing some diesel fuel at it to see if things change at all.
Now, it doesn’t take too long into the video to see that diesel fuel is not going to exactly work here. However, the interesting part, or at least we think, is when he finally goes to dissect the engine to see what damage is done. However, before he gets there, he tries out a couple of other mixtures of chemicals to see if it will work, including a gasoline and diesel 50-50 mix that seems to do the trick, believe it or not! As you can see, he’s doing it on a small disposable engine that has probably seen years of use, so we wouldn’t recommend doing anything like this to your own engine, however, playing spectator is pretty fun, here.
Check out the video down below that shows off what exactly happens if you put diesel fuel in your gasoline powered engine. Do you think that it’s going to cause all sorts of destruction or do you think that they will simply conk out and cease to make power? It’s really an interesting topic to approach and, with videos like this, you can see real world results of how something of the sort this would pan out.

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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