🎥 Will 1921 Model T Start After Sitting 65 Years?

Hope you are ready for some suspense because it looks like this 1921 Model T is just about going to start a number of times before it finally does not… But, the owner of this antique American car does not give up.
He keeps on trying to get it to turn over. At one point he even resorts to wedging his foot under the gas tank that he had on the floor to help the gas enter the engine easier.
Also known as the Flivver, the Tin Lizzie, and the Leaping Lena, the Ford Model T just might be the most important car in automotive history since it is the first car that the average middle-class American could afford.
This is the car that paved the way for the everyday driver. Ford sold more than 16 million Model Ts, which makes me wonder why we do not see them around much.
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