🎥 West Coast Customs 2 Door Range Stormer Is In A Sad State Now As It Sits In Dubai.

In this day and age, not too many will probably remember it, but back in the year of 2004, the “Range Stormer” was a really big deal. You see, for Land Rover, it was their first ever concept vehicle and it really flipped the script on exactly what the company did with their machines. Normally, they might’ve been all about classy luxury SUVs but with this one, they threw a little bit of a sporty twist into the mix, creating a bright orange vehicle with lots of boisterous features that were uncommon when you compared it to the rest of the company’s line that the truck sat beside.
As far as where the original is right now, we can’t say, however, it turns out that West Coast Customs did build a replica of the Range Stormer for a member of the Royal Family in the Middle East. The truck would be shipped off and never seen again, until now. It just so happened that one of the members of the team that put it together would be driving along when he spotted the vehicle just simply sitting in a parking lot, rotting away. He would then take it upon himself to get in touch with the owner of the vehicle and let them know his relationship with the build, telling the owner that he was there to help if they decided that they wanted to put the car back together once again.
Now, we aren’t too sure of the condition that vehicle is in today, but as of this video upload, in 2012, you can see that the vehicle has gone through a variety of cosmetic changes along with a couple replacement parts thanks to an accident that it was in. It’s really a shame to see some of these highly custom, rare, and very sought after vehicles that are just left to die. You really have to hope that a vehicle like this had a bright future in restoration, however, no word has come to the surface on if it was ever seen again.

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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