Watch This Miniature Rc Pulling Tractor Hop Away In Speed

A fun way to bring in the groceries! The RC pulling tractor, shown in the video, can pull a lot of weight. It has been customized with twin engine to give it the awesome speed as you can see in the video.
Everybody wants some fun in their normal routine. This RC pulling tractor could be that fun! As, the tractor looks this small and mini but can pull a lot of weight. And the speed is unimaginable. It’s a one of its kind customization. So much power in such a small machine.
You have to see it to believe it. It sounds impossible, but this power packed RC pulling tractor has a lot of pulling power and speed. It is hobby product that could actually become a functional one. It all depends on creative customization and usage.
Just watch the video and decide for yourself if this is possible or not? Hit the play button and enjoy!
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