🎥 Toyota Prius Driver Barrels Through Flooded Houston Freeway… Will He Make It?

At this point, you have probably seen the devastation that has hit the city of Houston because of Hurricane Harvey. All kinds of havoc has been left in the wake of the storm as people have been trying to fight their way through the destruction that Harvey has seemed to just dump everywhere. While most people have found the floodwaters to be enough to keep them stranded, it looks like the person behind the wheel of this Toyota Prius is just sick of it and decides to lay into the gas pedal to see exactly how far the hybrid vehicle will take them.
The water here is pretty deep and as the car continues forward, you would have to assume that it was under electric power as it just keeps on keeping on. There’s no way that the gas engine would still be functioning after all of that water had been sucked up through the intake. However, in either case, you have to consider this to be something that’s incredibly above and beyond what one would normally expect out of the car as it just keeps on going. It really feels like it’s going to conk out at any moment against the massive amount of water but the car simply won’t give in!
Check out the video below as people watch the confident little Prius from atop a bridge as it chugs through the water below with great success. You really have to wonder just how far the person behind the wheel here made it before enough was enough but we can’t help but say that we’re incredibly impressed at what this little machine was able to accomplish.

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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