If you Thought a Hayabusa Was Crazy on the Street, Wait Until you See it in the Dirt

Just when you thought that drag racing on solid ground was complicated, along comes another form of racing that would make things even more difficult. Just imagine that the surface below you wasn’t guaranteed to stay there when you launched and instead, would be trying to spit out of the back tire as you laid into the throttle. With dirt drags, that’s exactly what you’re up against, trying to do your best not only to set up your machine to be ready to go faster than the guy in the next lane but also to be able to outrun the volatility of the surface, grabbing traction in the most unlikely of places and making the most of it.
In this one, we check out a video of a dirt dragger that has the intensity turned up to 11. If you thought that seeing a Hayabusa in action on concrete was impressive, wait until you see this thing trying to conquer the dirt as it wraps up and spits out wake of brown, screaming as loud as possible while the driver sways back and forth, making his way down the track and through the finish line. We have to say that this motorcycle is a pure joy for all the senses as it hits the dirt with a vengeance, really making its presence felt as this rider has to have balls of steel to be able to make this thing work all the way down the track.
Check out the video down below that will put you on the scene of the action, giving you a perfect perspective to bear witness to this incredible two-wheeled freak as it plants down hard and gets to business. When it comes time to get to racing, it really seems like this thing is all work and no play.

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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