This Vette Costs $750.000 And You Better See The Reason


Genovation is a company who really knows how to upset the order and old car enthusiasts. It knows how to upset the purists. They took a freaking Corvette and made the fastest electric vehicle of it. Now, they did something even more incredible – they are putting the car for sale. It is expensive, though. Like, really – really – expensive.
Genovation announced they will produce only 75 examples of the car and each of them will be priced at astonishing $750,000. Now, for this kind of money, you can almost buy three nice Ferrari cars (or ten conventional ’Vette’s. So, why would you ever need a Genovation GXE?
Well, the company used cutting-edge technology to make the car reach the speeds of more than 205 mph. This is a lot for an electric car as the engines are getting rather hot at high speed when the coils have to conduct massive power.
On, the other hand, it only uses 44 kWh battery meaning that it won’t have a range of a Tesla Model S P100D. Actually, every driver of the GXE should consider himself happy if it can cover 100 miles before recharging.
All in all, small company Genovation is starting its business quite professionally. If they have success with a car like this, many great things may happen in the future.


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