This is Why You Never Celebrate Too Early… Red Light!

In the world of drag racing, there are a few unwritten rules, and in some cases and at certain tracks, they’re actually written too. However in the world of no-time grudge racing, some of those rules are not all that tightly policed, and it leads to some hilarous footage from the video teams on hand that is, at the very least, fun to watch, especially when you tie some of that footage in with a creative mine like that of YouTuber Detroit HoodTV. What you’re about to see is a perfect example of that that humor and creativity.
Hood headed way south of Detroit all the way to Orlando Speed World, where he caught up with these two gorgeous black G-Bodies lined up to do battle with a big pot on the line. We don’t know how much the actual race was for, but there probably several thousand dollars swapped on the line between the two cars just before the race.
As the cars line up to stage, the chatter dies to a dull roar while the thumping coming from the exhaust of either car helps build the tension to a boiling point that erupts with a show of celebration as soon as the green light drops and the car’s release the transbrake button. As soon as the cars leave, the Black Magic team throws their hands in the air because all they see is a big lead for their driver and almost too sure a win for their camp.
What they fail to notice is the glowing read bulb in their lane, signaling that their driver left too soon and handed the race to Death Row, the name of the car in the other lane. They watch intently as the cars near the finish line to make sure Death Row didn’t manage to drive around them on the top end. As soon as they see that win light in the other lane. I’ve been in their position – minus the running and leaping – and it takes a second to realize that the red light infraction happened because the tree is cleared out after a few seconds, before the cars even reach the finish line in most cases.
In his trademark fashion, Hood put together a handful of relevant clips and added them to the premature celebration, which gives the video a great humorous ending! Thanks as always to DHTV for his footage, and congrats to the Death Row team for their big win in the race.


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