This is why the Lamborghini Reventon is worth $2,000,000 USD today!

A decade ago, Lamborghini dropped a two million dollar bomb on exotic car fans around the world when it debuted the Reventon, an extremely-limited edition run of 20 coupes and 20 roadsters, though the production run of roadsters was dropped to 15 units due to the economy crashing.
But is this car worth the $2M price tag? That’s the question posed to YouTube personality Alejandro from the Salomondrin channel, who took the time to explain why the Reventon is in fact worth such a hefty price. He starts with the obvious: the looks. The car is striking, even among the beautiful Lamborghini bloodline. It is no secret that the car was inspired by fighter jets, and it is obvious nowhere more than looking at the car’s lines from basically any angle. Low slung, wide and angular, the car could easily pass for the earth-bound little brother of the F-22 Raptor. However, with some 650 horsepower on tap from the naturally aspirated V12, it’s doubtful anybody will be picking on this younger sibling.
Moving inside, there are plenty more reasons to justify the cars selling price. Sliding into the bolstered seats, the driver is greeted by more cues taken directly from the fighter jet inspiration. The gauge panel looks like it could have been plucked directly from any Air Force fighter and had the entire interior built around it. There’s carbon fiber everywhere, and what’s not carbon fiber is Alcantara or leather. Everything about the interior screams cockpit, only with just enough elegance and sophistication to make sure the pilot is comfortable and aware that they’re driving a car that costs a couple million bucks.
Do you agree with Alejandro, do you think this ride is worth the price? I’m certainly not going to argue with him at least not until I get to take one for a spin myself. When that day comes, I’ll let y’all know what I think too!


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