Jet Ski + Boat = WAVE BOAT…This Boat is Propelled by a Jet-Ski

Okay, so this just might be the ultimate lake/river/ocean toy! The Wave Boat look like little more than a tiny boat that you’d not get a lot of enjoyment out of, considering there’s no engine. However, there’s a little more going on than that. You see, the Wave Boat is not just a floating lounger, it’s sort of like a lake-bound power ranger suit of sorts.
By simply driving a jet ski into the back of the Wave Boat, it’s instantly transformed from the previously mentioned luxury buoy to a nimble, fun boat that uses the jet ski itself for power and steering. One model in particular has a couple of lounge seats and a bench up front and two more loungers in the back, there’s seating for up to seven, including the driver, who is still basically riding a jet ski as before, only now has up to six of his closest friends on board to enjoy the ride with him. There are other models with different configurations of seating, different color combinations, and different accessories, such as canopies and wakeboard racks.
The small, maneuverable boats don’t seem to slow down the top speed of the jet ski too much, meaning the rider and his shipmates can rip across the water as fast as they care to go. Simply drop the jet ski in reverse or push it away from the hull of the Wave Boat and it’s loose, free to be ridden until it’s time to reattach it to the body of the boat.
This looks like an amazing way to enjoy the summer at the lake or on the ocean. If you have a few friends or neighbors that already have jet skis, getting everybody on board to buy a Wake Boat could really liven up your weekends. If you’re the only one with a personal water craft, you can at least let a few friends come along to enjoy the day or weekend at the lake!


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