This Beautiful ’66 Chevy Suburban Is Like A Station Wagon On Steroids!


Here’s a rare find that looks to be a perfect companion for when you want to go cruising at the beach. It’s a 1966 Chevrolet Suburban with clean lines and soothing color combo that turns an estate car look into something that’s like a station wagon on steroids.
The color scheme of this Suburban is something you don’t see everyday. It definitely required a significant leap of faith when the owner decided on it but it sure ended pretty nice and slick. It has striking accents in white and the finish in the bumper and grille goes really well with the paintwork. And you’ll surely love how cool the exhaust comes out at the rear as well. Stance is also great and wheel choice is very fitting too.
The interior of this ride is as clean and as crisp as the exterior. Very nice seats in tan and cream with the accent stitching. It has some native vibe to it with the beautiful weaved headliners and floor. It’s got everything on the inside color matched including the matching cooler. Dashboard looks stock but with the new paint on, it looks cool and refreshing.


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