The Hummer H2 Is the Most Embarrassing Vehicle You Can Drive

When talking about automotive journalist and presenter, Doug DeMuro, you have to think about the fact that he’s really respectable that he definitely calls it as he sees it. If he sees a vehicle that has glaring instances of being out of line, he’ll definitely call it out but on the other side of that coin, if he falls in love with a particular vehicle, he’ not afraid to tell you about that either. This time, Doug digs into yet another vehicle in the Hummer H2 and it really seems to be one that has managed to polarize people as you either love it or you hate it and it’s one that people really love to hate.
In this one, Doug goes over the entire Hummer H2 with a fine tooth comb, picking out some features that make it unique, maybe a couple that he likes, and a bunch that kind of don’t make sense to Doug, from the way that the interior is laid out to the idea that they went through lots of effort to give it a ton of ground clearance, only to install running boards from the factory that take that clearance away. Some things about the Hummer might speak to you but to Doug, I think that when it comes to owning one for himself, he would more likely than not pass on the machine.
Check out the video down below and follow along with Doug’s take on this vehicle that we all know so well and has the ability to divide a crowd. After checking this one out, be sure to tell us what you think of Doug’s take on the H2. Do you think that he nailed it right on the head with this SUV or are his opinions a little bit off from your vision of reality? The beautiful thing about how we perceive cars is that we all see them differently and that’s why there are so different shapes and forms of motoring that might speak to you!


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