The Ford Purists Will Hate This… 2JZ Powered Turbo Mustang Goes Wheels Up!

It’s no secret that when it comes to platforms for a street-style car that hooks hard and goes straight – most of the time – the Fox Body Mustang sits at the top of the list. There are no cars more consistently reliable for hooking, especially in less-than-ideal conditions than the fox, and while they run well with their own small block Ford powerplants between the fenders, a lot of them end up with GM LS-style engines under the hood.
However, that’s not the only swap that works well in the vaunted Mustang chassis, as we have seen everything from four-banger engines to ProCharged big blocks and everything in between. As legendary as the fox body is, there’s an engine equivalent that’s just as well known for always being bad to the bone; Toyota’s 2JZ inline six cylinder. The engine from the awe-inspiring Supra, the 2JZ is known far and wide for making massive horsepower on the stock bottom end and even more when you upgrade the components in the short block. Having powered cars deep into the six second zone in the quarter mile, the 2JZ is more than capable of providing insane power in any car.
Combining the Mustang chassis and Toyota’s iconic 2JZ is a recipe for badassness, and you can see in the video below that’s exactly what you get when the two are mated. This Mustang does a quick burnout and rolls to the starting line while our buddy Aaron at NXGonzo Video mans the camera. Rolling into the beams, the driver brings the boost up in the car and unleashes the transbrake, sending the nose high into the air due to the abundance of traction provided by the Mustang’s chassis. With a little more testing, the driver should be able to calm the car down and use that power to push the car forward instead of up, sending the car to some great elapsed times.


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