Tesla vs Nitrous Fox Body Mustang on the Street for $3200

When it comes to racing in the streets on on any sort of unprepared surface, it isn’t always about who makes the most power but can really come down to figuring out how to make something cooperate with the surface the best. All of that power doesn’t mean anything if the car doesn’t stay consistent while the machine in the next lane over is knocking off the same decent pass over and over again. This is why many will attribute the streets to being the great equalizer that will really put cars on notice and keep drivers honest.
One machine that we have seen absolutely slaying it out there on the street is the Tesla Racing Channel’s Tesla P100D, a car that seems like it could stick to a sheet of ice when the driver punches the pedal and makes this thing go! The car has really been known to take out a wide variety of competitors, many of which would probably be way faster at the track than the electric machine but out here none of that matters! There’s really no telling how many machines will fall at the feet of the Tesla that seems to do the same exact thing every last time!
Check out the video below that shows us the whole situation, inside and out, as a cocky Ford Mustang Foxbody owner steps up to the plate and the smack talk gets going and these drivers are throwing out their best attempt at gaining an edge in this race before getting down to battle not once but twice with big time money being thrown into the equation. Afterward, we get to see the Tesla go up against a variety of other cars that really pack a punch and try to swing up to hit this car that really seems to be the king of the streets. This electric powerhouse really goes to show you that consistency is key!

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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