This Sweet 1971 Mustang Is A Phenomenal Blend Of Old And New


You know you’ve ended with a killer build when you have mixed old school and new school while paying tribute to some heritage. And this 1971 Mustang is one such sweet ride which pays tribute to a military heritage with the fantastic blend of old and new.
You’ll feel the American muscle vibe the moment you first meet this Mustang. The outside is pretty much a 1971 factory build with the cool wide wheels and great stance. It sports a nice color accented by painted stripes running around the body. Well, those aren’t even the highlight of the surprise as something phenomenal is waiting and hidden in the insides.
You may be seeing a 1971 Mustang but everything in the interior and the running gear is from a 2006 Shelby Mustang. So you get a genuinely modern ambiance whilst riding a gorgeous muscle car. And not an inch of it looks off and everything is integrated straight and smooth.
Popping the hood comes even more surprise. You’d be greeted not only by a supercharged engine but also a beautiful airbrush work. An American flag under the hood? That’s cool for sure!
Check everything out for yourself with the video.


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