Supra’s TURBO Eats a Mans Middle Finger!

We’ve got to be honest up front with you, this video is pretty graphic, but for some reason, we simply couldn’t look away as Mark Hoey lost his finger to his Toyota Supra.

Like any other project car, Mark’s 1jz powered Supra was having some issues running properly. Mark thought it was bad gas, but decided that he would poke around under the hood anyway.

After playing with the throttle for a bit, the issue seemed to subside, at which point, Mark would be greeted with quite the unwelcome surprise that he will never forget.

In just a fraction of a second, his hand would be sucked into his turbo, leaving him no time to react and taking off part of one of his fingers, bone and all.

When we chatted with Mark, he seemed to be a little bit more upset that he’d destroyed his turbo than he was about losing a finger – a true motorhead’s response.

Mark tells us that it took him some serious time to save up to get his hands on this bad boy and only a fraction of a second to have it all gone. We most definitely feel for him there. Car parts aren’t cheap!

Hopefully, Mark will be able to get all right in his world before long. Here’s to wishing him a speedy recovery both for his finger and his car.


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