This Supercharged Truck Beats John Doe From Street Outlaws


No matter how high they are on the list or even if they’re on the list at all, most of the cars that you see appear on Street Outlaws will probably prove to be a tough challenge for many of the vehicles that you see out there racing on the local track.
This time, we check out John Doe, a competitor that has been sighted on Street Outlaws, as he heads out to the track for a little bit of a no prep challenge at the Bounty Hunters No Prep event.
We tune in as a supercharged Chevy pickup truck goes head to head with the iconic Oldsmobile in an all-out throwdown for the finish line and it turns out that this particular pickup has a little bit of pep in its step.
Check out the video below as the violent truck rockets off of the line and manages to get an edge on John Doe. From the description of the video, we learn that John Doe might have had a little engine mishap during the run.


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