Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz vs The Master of Faster Andy Jensen!

This is one of the more titanic matchups that most of you never heard about, but we’re going to fix that today. Street Outlaws star and Drag Week legend Jeff Lutz loaded up his Mad Max Camaro and headed up the east coast to take on a car that’s basically Mad Max’s alter ego, Andy Jensen’s gorgeous blue Camaro. Both cars are running twin turbocharged big blocks, massive slicks out back, and swoopy Pro Mod-style bodies.
With several thousand horsepower under both hoods, this is quite the battle of the badasses, and they deliver in every sense of the word. The video opens with a clip of Lutz making an early-shutoff test hit and laying down a solid 6.40 at a coasting 178 MPH. Then both cars roll into the burnout box and lay down some nice fresh rubber to try to ensure the tires are as sticky as possible. Backing up into their tracks, the cars ease into the staging beams.
When the green light drops, you can hear the big slick on both cars fighting for traction as the boosted power plants send all the power rearward at the drop of the green light. The tense few seconds of the pass seem to take forever as the cars traverse the quarter mile, both tripping the beams deep into the six second zone. The scoreboards tell the tale with Jensen taking the win in a great side-by-side drag race, his winning 6.05 ET just eclipsing the 6.14 of Lutz. Both cars were well north of 200 MPH as well, with Jensen’s 234 MPH just besting Mad Max’s 228.
When you have two cars that are so evenly matched, they might consider a best of three format, because Lutz could easily dial up a few hundred more horsepower and take out Jensen if he had the opportunity. Regardless, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you drag race!


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