Street Outlaws DOC vs NOVA for $1500 – JJdaBoss Arm Drop

JJ Da Boss received an overwhelming response to the Arm Drop format during the season finale of Street Outlaws so he opted to take the show on the road. He organized a JJdaBoss Arm Drop race at Speedy’s Newport Dragstrip in Arkansas, where the Monte Carlo of Street Outlaws star Doc faced off with Lee Roberts’ super sleek Nova.
Before the race, the drivers did some nasty burnouts to lay some fresh rubber on the ground and gain some traction when they launch. Moments later, the race was on and Lee straps an obvious holeshot on Doc. The latter’s nitrous-propelled beast tries to catch up but it lost traction, enabling the charcoal grey Nova to clinch the win and run away with $1500.
One can argue that the cars are evenly match if they launched on equal footing and Doc’s ride didn’t lose traction. However, those were the two factors that allowed Lee to cross the stripe first by three quarters of a car over.
A big shout out to the folks over at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos for this clip. We hope to see more of JJ’s races as his Arm Drop drag format continuous to gain popularity. Perhaps Doc will get to battle Lee again for a little payback for such a close loss. He surely won’t pass up the opportunity in case they line up anew in the future.
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