Street Outlaws Chuck Battles It Out Against The Legendary Larry Larson

The Redemption No Prep series is one of the baddest no-prep race series in the country and it’s because in any given pair, you’re likely to see some of the baddest hombres in the world of no-prep lined up with some of our favorite Street Outlaws. Plus there’s a chance Drag Week legend Larry Larson shows up with his insane twin-turbo S-10 to try to throw a monkey wrench in the plans and prove himself the man to beat.
In the video below from this year’s Redemption 10, Larson is matched up with reigning 405 Top 10 list king Chuck in the Death Trap, Chucks’ wicked twin turbo small block-powered Fox Body. Larson, who has a decided horsepower advantage but less experience on an unpreppped racing surface, is never one to back down from a challenge and jumps right in to take on the Death Trap.
After both rides lay down nice smoky burnouts to put a little fresh, sticky rubber on the track, they back up and carefully stage, taking care to line up exactly where they did their burnout to maximize traction. As the roll to the line and inch into the pre-stage bulbs, both drivers bring the RPM’s up and go on the chip, with their engines popping and banging. A couple of presses of the button for the bump box and they’re both staged, then the green light drops and they leave as one.
Welded nearly door-to-door through the 1/8th mile, it’s Larson that just noses ahead at the stripe, taking the win and moving on to the next round while Chuck has to load up and head back to OKC. The bad news for the no-prep world is that Larry is just going to get faster and faster as he dials his S-10 in for no-prep conditions, so Chuck and the rest of the field better step up as well if they don’t want to be staring at Larson’s taillights on a regular basis.


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