Is Shoveling Snow A Thing Of The Past? This Machine Does IT For You!


Living my entire life in Alabama, shoveling snow is not something I’m all that familiar with. However I can see a cool gadget a mile away and this one is WAY COOL! The Kobi is like a Roomba on steroids, taking to the driveway and sidewalk to clear away the snow, all while being completely autonomous!
Not only does the Kobi get rid of snow as it falls – it monitors the weather via WiFi and goes to work as soon as the snow starts falling – it returns to its base and charges itself when the batteries get low. Thanks to a host of sensors and a GPS on board, the Kobi learns where to go to get the job done. As if that weren’t cool enough, the Kobi can be fitted with a lawn mower attachment to let it cut the grass in the spring and summer, and.a leaf blower attachment for clearing away pesky leaves in the fall.

Priced at $4,000, the Kobi is hardly cheap, but if you add up the year-round usefulness and trouble it would save, that seems like quite a bargain to me, even living in Alabama, where the snowblower might get used once every winter.



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