Road Rager Re-Thinks His Stupidity…

When it comes right down to it, road rage is a bad idea for a variety of different reasons. Sure, the action may be carried out on the back of anger as the name would entail, but when you really sit back, remove the emotion, and this think about exactly what it is that you’re doing and what a best-case scenario would be, you might just realize yourself that there isn’t going to be a situation where anybody wins. Sure, you might feel a little bit better about yourself but at what cost is that really coming? We have seen some really crazy things unfold out there on the roadways in situations like these and we wouldn’t personally want to be tied up in any of them.
In this one, we follow along with a situation that does appear to be staged but shows us what could just happen if you go out there looking for trouble. You know what they say, if you go looking for trouble you might find it and that’s exactly what this situation entails as a driver appears to be infuriated, honking his horn and yelling at another driver in traffic, when all of a sudden, that other driver ends up pulling out a gun and pointing it at his opposition. It’s at this point when the other car locks up its brakes and the driver decides that he has a sudden urge to have nothing to do with any part of this road rage scenario.
If you follow along with the video below, you’ll see a situation that may be a little bit heavy on the acting, potentially, but definitely showcases something that could go down in real life if you aren’t careful. Again, after all of the road rage videos that we feature here, we urge you to try and stay to yourself when you’re out there on the road, even if it seems like you’re in a commute where everybody around you looks like they cannot drive an ounce.


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