🎥 Riders Beware Of The Harley Davidson “Death Wobble”!

Harley Davidson is one of the most iconic motorcycles to hit the streets.
To this day riders all over the world strive to own one of their very own.
However, the video below may cause many of you to think twice before purchasing one of their bikes. It has recently been reported that riders all over the map have been experiencing what is known as the ‘Death Wobble”.
The wobble is a high speed oscillation that causes the bike to quickly jerk back and forth.
In this news clip we meet one rider who was subject to the terrifying malfunction. He had had several decades behind the wheel of a wide variety of motorcycles.
However, it was the ride with his Harley that sent him to the hospital with a quadruple compound fracture in his leg, several broken ribs and a punctured lung.
As it turns out he is not the only case that has experienced the death wobble at the hands of Harley Davidson.
The news report below goes into detail of several other instances where a similar malfunction occurred! Harley Davidson seems to not want to take responsibility for the issue, despite video evidence of the horrific malfunctions!
Tell us what you think after checking out this video!

Source: www.legendarymotorcycles.com

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