Rhino Trailer Hitch! Take Control Of Your Tounge Height

If you find yourself in a position where you tow different sorts of trailers and loads with your truck, you might find the need to relocate the position of your trailer hitch. Not only do you need to use different ball sizes, but you also may need to adjust the height of the hitch so that the trailer sits a certain way to be towed correctly. If you’re familiar with this kind of pulling, you definitely know that it can be a hassle to switch out balls and reverse drop hitches to make sure that you are distributing the weight in just the right way.
This time, however, we check out quite an invention that is designed to eliminate the need to switch out your hitch altogether. Instead, it proposes a system that will allow you to raise and lower your hitch position all without removing it from the truck thanks to a nifty aluminum construction that will enable the user to rock the hitch up and down, securing it with a pin when it’s at just the right height for you to get down to business and haul that load! This is definitely an invention that I can see many people having a use for when they’re trying to accomplish such a job that might bear an awkward load.
Follow along with the video below that shows exactly how it all works and how you can use this tool to aid you in pulling along your trailer of choice. After you watch the video to learn all about it and how it works, be sure to tell us what you think of this invention. Is this something that you would use on your own trailer setup or are you just going to stick to the good old fashioned way of doing things?

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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