Quadrofoil Q2S Electric Hydrofoil Is The Greatest Personal Watercraft EVER!

WOW. This is the coolest personal watercraft I have ever seen. Yeah, ever! Look at the video thumbnail below. Isn’t that one mean s3xy looking machine? You bet it is. And, get this, the dang Quadrofoil Q2S Hydrofoil is an all electric-powered vehicle. This new water toy is indeed a revolutionary hydrofoiling watercraft! The sleek and mostly open faced hydrofoil looks like something Bond, James Bond might drive while also reminding me of that old Memorex ad poster called BLOWN AWAY of some dude sitting in a deep chair being blown away by the sound coming from his speakers! Being a hydrofoiling watercraft means that it starts out flat on the surface of the water as it launches and then rising up on its set of foils to ride up high above the water’s surface so you will feel as if you were flying!
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Source: www.legendarycarvideos.com

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