PRI 2017: ProCharger’s New Crank-Driven Supercharger

As you likely know by now if you’ve been to the site at all in the past couple of weeks, the 2017 PRI Show just wrapped up. With the show being packed full of new products and reveals, there’s a lot of footage and information just now filtering out of the various media outlets that covered the show from end to end. One of the most trusted sources for info in the automotive arena is Power Automedia, and their footage and information are always top notch.
The guys from PAM caught up with Erik Radzins from ProCharger to check out what they had in store for their racers in 2018, and as you’d expect, they have some awesome new products coming down the pipeline. The main product they were showing off at PRI was the new crankshaft mount drive system. As Radzins says, “… from the impeller to the engine, we now have a package for you,” meaning more racers will be able to pick up the phone or jump online and order exactly what they need from ProCharger instead of having to source a mounting system from a third party. This will make life easier for the racer and allow ProCharger to fill their customers’ needs with their own solutions.
While it’s only briefly mentioned, ProCharger has made some waves with is 143mm unit. The largest centrifugal blower ever built, the 143 is capable of cranking out 3,500 horsepower and should lead to some insane ET’s. As mentioned in the interview, ProCharger powered racers to 10 national-level championships and 40 event wins in 2017, and with continued innovation like this, there’s a good chance those numbers grow in 2018. Thanks to the crew over at Power Automedia for the excellent interview and to Erik and the ProCharger staff for the excellent products and information. It looks like the upcoming season is going to be quicker, faster and louder!


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