Painful Motorcycle Harley V-Rod Crash! – Muscle Man Attempts to Save Face In Front of Audience

Riding a motorcycle without wearing safety equipment probably isn’t the greatest idea that anyone has ever had. I think that riding without going so far as putting on a shirt on is an idea that I think most folks would agree is pretty moronic and this rider just about had to learn why.
In this one, we watch as this rider seems to let his motorcycle get the best of him as it slides out from under him and throws the rider on the ground, leaving him to react quickly or loose every square inch of skin that’s currently doing the job of covering the front of his body!
It really makes you gasp when this guy goes down and it looks like the worst is coming, but somehow, he manages to get his hands down to save his body from destruction. That isn’t to say that this one went by pain-free because I can guarantee you that he peeled a good amount of flesh off of his palms.
Check out the video below that shows the clip that will most certainly make your skin crawl as you watch this incredibly close call that could have so easily ended a lot worse than it actually did. Remember kids: when you head out to ride on two wheels, you want to think about your safety first!


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