Neighbors Have Speed Bumps Installed Without Permission… Is This Legal?

If you just so happen to live on a street that is the main artery through your neighborhood, it’s only natural to see some issues that come along with it. While it might not be the end of the world for most, to some, watching cars speed down the street is definitely a big issue. Honestly, if you’re driving in a neighborhood setting, the smart thing to do would be to abide by a lower speed because you never know who’s going to come walking out or if a kid is going to lose their ball into the street and end up in front of your car. In these cases, it would probably be a lot easier to successfully react if you’re doing 20 mph instead of 50 mph.
Now, if you do end up with a constant speeding problem, there is probably a proper procedure that you could go through with your state or county in order to do something about it, observing measures like adding speed bumps so that people can’t necessarily make it down the street at a high rate of speed. However, this is something that you’re probably going to want to observe the proper avenues to get to instead of just going out there and trying to make some for yourself. You wouldn’t think that somebody would just go out there and do something like this but apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea.
The news report down below tells all about what happened that day as a few neighbors apparently came together and decided that their street would be a lot calmer with speed bumps on it. While it might be a bad idea to make speed bumps on your own, you wouldn’t think that it would be something that would cause quite an outrage but, when the neighbors who weren’t in on it observed the bumps and saw that they would interfere with their driving, even going so far as potentially damaging cars, it ended up being a big issue, even more so when they learned that the bumps were built without proper permits. It’s all one great big mix up of bad news so be sure to observe all of the evidence below and tell us what you think of this situation that seems to be too obscure to be true.


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