NASCAR Fly By is So Brutal It Nearly Makes This Lady Lose Her Balance

While we haven’t really made much of a foray into the world of stock car racing ourselves, we’re all fans of NASCAR and enjoy watching the races, either on television or live when we have the opportunity. While it’s drastically different than drag racing, there’s no denying the power and speed that make the sport what it is, and anything with copious amounts of both is awesome in our book.
One thing you get from a stock car race that you just don’t get at a drag race is shown perfectly in this video, the deafening roar and insane gust of wind that comes off the cars when the field is tightly bunched and comes by at the same time. If you have a large group of cars, and they’re all pushing 200 MPH, that generates a hell of a lot of wind as the cars roar past. Any fans lucky – or in this case unlucky – enough to get to stand by the fence as the cars pass just feet away can literally have the wind from the field of cars hit them so hard they lose their balance if they’re not ready, just like you see in the video below.
The young lady in the video is doing what pretty much all of us do at some point and recording the action on her phone as the field of drivers race by just on the other side of the fence. While she seems to be ready, as the cars blast down the straightaway, the wind they create builds to a forceful gale and pushes along the fence as well, slamming into the lady with enough force to push her off balance and into another spectator who’s walking by behind her. Between the cars, the wind and the impact with the guy walking by, the poor lady is just about knocked clean off her feet, but manages to recover without falling.

If you have an opportunity, we have to recommend you head to a NASCAR race and experience this for yourself. It’s an intense sensation that words simply cannot accurately describe.

NASCAR flyby

We need to get out to a NASCAR race!

Posted by That is RAPID on Tuesday, November 21, 2017


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