Murder Nova Killin’ All At Lights Out 7 Is Why Drag Racing Is Awesome!

Hey, there is a reason that the Murder Nova is such a star on the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws reality television show: it is a fast and powerful winner on the drag racing strip and even at times on the street! If you are Murder Nova fan you will be totally rocked by this nearly eight-minute video on which the Murder Nova kicks loads of drag racing butt at the Lights Out 7 drag racing event. Shawn Ellington, a Cali-born Okie, is, of course, the driver of the Murder Nova and he excels here on this video out of Lights Out 7. Oh, and in case you do not know what the Murder Nova is: it is a 1969 Chevy Nova that has been fitted with a big block Chevy engine along with a fuel injected carburetor and a General Motors 210 turbo 400 transmission. Yeah, that is pretty epic, yeah?
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