🎥 Man Owns Truck Outright, but a Title Loan Company Kept Trying to Repo his Ride!

Owning your own vehicle is your right to the road! There’s just something about having your very own car that allows you to travel freely and do as you please, within reason, of course. When you own the car outright with no strings attached from the bank, that feeling gets amplified to be even better as you know that you don’t owe anybody any money and can just roll. For this truck owner, that was exactly what he was feeling, but soon, he would come crashing back down to reality thanks to a surprise that wasn’t exactly welcome and he didn’t really know how to handle it so he decided to hide the truck away and fight the battles in the meantime.
Now, when you own a vehicle you have no worries about a repossession company showing up to your door step and trying to take it back. That’s just the nature of the beast. It’s just not something that happens. However, for the owner of this Dodge Ram, that unlikely situation just so happened to unfold right out front of his residence as a repossession company would show up and try to take the truck that he owned and even had the title to prove it. However, as the repossession company’s records showed that the truck had a lien against it, they would still try and take it back. You can’t really blame either party for something like this but it did end up causing quite the confusing hassle for everyone involved.
According to the repo company, they think that somebody, somehow, scammed the system in one way or another to pass this car on to its current owner, removing the lien while there was still money owed on it and scamming their way into a quick buck. Therefore, records would still show that it needed to be repossessed but there was nothing that anybody could really do about it because the owner had the title and proof that he bought the truck legally.
Be sure to get a load of the situation that really seems to be at an awkward standstill and tell us what you think happened here. In a situation like this, you don’t really know who to believe or who is in the right. This is most certainly not anything that we would ever want to get tied up because it seems like there’s almost no answer to be had here!

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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