🎥 Man Creates Fallout Like Apparatus Called The PowerFist… Breaks Through Anything!

YouTube is packed full of people who have invented all types of things, from the legitimately world-altering to downright silly. While this contraption seems like it leans more toward the silly at first glance, it might actually prove to be beneficial in ways other than providing some entertainment on the internet.
YouTuber Jairus of All built what he calls The Powerfist, a gadget based on an accessory from the video game Fallout 4. At first glance, I thought this was just a huge overkill version of brass knuckles, with the backpack just being for looks. However, doing a little research, I learned that the backpack is, in fact, a CO2 tank that provides an additional 300 pounds of force as soon as soon as it detects an impact, which suddenly makes The Powerfist a lot more useful than I previously thought.
I can see this being something law enforcement officers could use as a battering ram instead of the two-or-more man battering rams they use now. That frees up the other officers to enter the scene at the ready instead of scrambling to drop the ram and ready their weapon. Of course, the Powerfist could just be a lot of fun to goof off with, which is what Jairus is doing in this particular video.
With The Powerfist charged up and ready to power through whatever gets in its way, and today that’s a couple of doors and a doorknob! First up, the doorknob, which, as expected, offered very little resistance to the blow from the bionic fist. Up next, a standard door, which offers only slightly more resistance. The last door, which has been nailed shut around the perimeter, takes a little more work, but we knew it was going to. This is definitely something I believe police departments need to at least looking and determine its viability for use as a battering ram.

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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