Man Builds Half Scale Ferrari For His Daughter

With a company like Power Wheels, it looks like someone has found their golden goose as they’re able to pump out all kinds of toys. We have seen these machines in yards across America and sometimes, enthusiasts will even take the liberty of stepping them up a little bit to make them go even quicker when their kids get older and are able to handle more power.
This time, however, it isn’t a modified Power Wheels that we’re checking out. Even though those things are really cool to us, we can’t help but think that this Ferrari replica is just a little bit cooler. This kid has to be the talk of the playground with her ride!
Instead of heading out to the store and buying a Power Wheels, it looks like this dad got to work with his crafting skills and made his very own version of one of the shrunken down cars except this one appears to be a lot more accurate to real-life than the plastic cars that we’re used to.
Check out the video below that shows the scaled-down, fully functional Ferrari that this little girl appears to be proud to wheel! With this kind of skill set, I wonder what else this handy dad could shrink down and make into a miniaturized vehicle for his daughter.


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