It Looks Like Paul Sr. & Mikey are Trying to Crowdsource a New OCC Show!

It might be hard to believe, but it will have been eight years this upcoming February that American Chopper will have been off of the air. For big fans of the show and the Orange County Chopper motorcycle shop, they’re left to browse the internet to find interviews and small tidbits of information that have found their way out to tell about what’s going on behind those doors. Since the time the show has cut the cord, we’ve learned a lot about its stars and what exactly they’ve been up to. Have they been building bikes? Will we see them on television again? What does the future hold?
This time, we check out an interview in which Paul Sr. And Mikey give us a little bit of a rundown of what exactly happened throughout the course of the show. Television cameras couldn’t exactly give us the entire picture of what was happening as there was only so much time on the air and they only caught a fraction of the entire ordeal, however, this time, Paul and Mikey spill the beans and tell us a little bit about how they might use what they’ve learned in the past to transition toward a future in not only Bike building but also the entertainment business once again.
In this little interview, we learn a little bit of what the guys are planning for a new OCC show and how they’re using crowd funding to get people on board with the show and build up some capital to get it rolling again. As of now, it’s not clear if they ever managed to meet their goal or not. However, even though the OCC Facebook page remains active, the last time they posted any video content was 5 months ago. Does this mean that the dream has fallen dormant yet again or is this hectic family working on the master plan yet again?


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