How Long will a Wood Cylinder Head Last? Let’s find out!

What comes to an engine, no matter what platform you find it in, all of the parts really need to come together in just the right way to function properly. If you mess with one of these components, you had better make sure that you know what you’re doing or otherwise, it can spell out complete disaster. This time, we check out a little demonstration that’s actually designed, pretty much, with disaster in mind and it’s incredibly fun to watch unfold right in front of our eyes. However, this isn’t just a sort of conventional implosion.
In this experiment, we see what happens when the unlikely situation of a wooden engine part comes to life. When this YouTuber was poking around in his comments section, he says that someone had come up with the bright idea of firing up an engine with a wooden cylinder head in place. Now, this isn’t necessarily something that you’re going to do if you want the engine to run as efficiently as it possibly can because, as you know, wood isn’t exactly the best material to handle heat. However, if you want to try a fun little experiment that will make a cool video, this is definitely something that makes a lot of sense.
Check out the video down below that takes you along for the ride to see exactly how well this wooden cylinder head is going to work. Surprisingly enough, it actually does fire up and run, though the duration of its longevity is kind of kicked down a couple of notches to say the least. How is this experiment going to end? Well, you can see for yourself to determine if it’s going to end with a sizable crash and burn or if it will be pleasantly surprising and kind of just stall out. How do you think that the demise of this cylinder head is going to go down?


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