Is This the Easiest Way to Pick a Lock?

The Crazy Russian Hacker is one of those YouTube channels that we’ve grown to love both for our host’s eccentric personality and all of the wild experiments that he manages to come up with, putting different gadgets and mechanisms to the ultimate test!
This time, we check out a video in which he claims to have perhaps found about the ultimate way of picking locks using nothing more than a simple tool that looks to be able to slide into just about any padlock that you can find and, with the pull of a trigger, pick the lock.
For someone who loses their keys a lot, having something like this around the house might just be a breathe of fresh air so that they never find themselves being locked out ever again! For those who fear theft, though, something like this might make them want to step up their security.
Check out the video below that shows us the mechanism that shows exactly how easy lock picking can be. What are your thoughts on the lock pick gun?


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