Idiot Of The Day! How NOT To Remove Your Engine


Here is what can go wrong if you try to remove your engine by yourself. Our friend here had to remove a blown engine out of his vehicle. He set up a camera to demonstrate us how to do it, but apparently it turned out to be the video of how NOT to do it!
Even though he tried to put it down gently and carefully, the motor just dropped on a ground! Fortunately, he did not cause more damage like knocking the vehicle over.
Nowadays, even little kids know that there is the engine crane for such circumstances.
If you ever find yourself in the situation like this, be sure to use it, especially if you have the car that is simply not designed for the engine to come out from the bottom! Let this be the lesson for all!
However, we can use this footage as the example of how not to remove an engine.
In the end, it is funny to see how a mechanic plays it cool trying to assure us that nothing happened accompanied with a whistle of shame! Just use the crane next time, will you?


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