🎥 Hummer H1 Conquering Massive Flood… Water Up Past The Hood!

While Houston is drying out from the devastating floods brought to south Texas by Hurricane Harvey, it reminded us that it was just over a year ago that the city endured a historic flood after being pounded for days with incessant rains. These floods weren’t brought about by a hurricane and weren’t as bad as those the city most recently endured, but they were certainly incredible.
While they would have easily inundated a lesser ride, the waters were no match for this Hummer H1, the first edition of the legendary namesake that was made available for the public after being adapted from those used for military purposes. As you can see in the video below, this H1 plowed through water that, at one point, was several inches up the windshield and seemed to have no problem powering right on through, despite moving literally thousands of pounds of water as it rolled through the flooded street.
Eventually, the Hummer reached dry land, where the driver celebrated with a “USA” chant and a blast of the horn as a few onlookers cheered on the feat. Despite the doors being almost completely submerged, there doesn’t seem to be any water seeping into the driver’s compartment, showing just how well the H1 was built.
We love seeing footage like this, but we have to caution everybody to always be smart when taking on floodwaters, as all it takes if a few inches of rushing water to wash a car off the road. Unless you are 100% sure your ride can make it across, it may be better to seek an alternate route around the flooded roads. If you do try to make it across, though, make sure you have your camera running!

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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