Huge Cam in Chevy Silverado Helps it Sound Monstrous!

If there is something that you’ve got to love, it’s watching somebody take a car or truck that wasn’t intentionally made to go fast and making it into a bad to the bone street machine. That looks to very much be the case with this grumbling Chevrolet Silverado.
With the help of some ported factory heads and a Brian Tooley Racing stage four truck cam that are complemented by long tube headers and a full exhaust, we really hear this short bed monster come to life as the ignition is turned over and the truck roars with a vengeance.
I bet that the guys at Chevrolet never saw these things being tweaked and tuned the way that they have been when they originally designed this truck to head out there and go to work. It really makes you want to hop in the shotgun seat and go for a ride to see what happens when the driver cracks the throttle a little bit.
Check out the video down below that will take you for a little walk around the truck to hear what this machine is all about. Maybe as a next step in the road, the owner will throw a turbo on this beast and really make it sing the performance notes that will turn every head within an earshot.


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