Here’s What The Next Subaru WRX STi Could Look Like

We love the WRX STi, warts and all, and we also think it’s a very pretty car. It looks like the next generation will carry on the trend of blending muscular style with ballistic performance
This is what the next Subaru WRX STi could look like, and we’re not complaining. The divisive – but devastatingly capable – car is soon up for retirement, and its replacement is looking like a handsome beast, if it follows this example.
Subaru has released just a couple of teaser shots ahead of the Viziv Performance Concept’s debut at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. We’ve seen this style of grille and front end before, but here, in a coupe body, it looks even more promising.

In the second teaser shot we can see huge, Nissan GT-R-esque rear wheel arches that curve up into what looks like a neat boot lip spoiler. We like.

It’s almost certainly a preview of the next version of the hot all-wheel drive supercar chaser, and if the outstanding talents of the current one are anything to go by, its replacement should be a hell of a thing not just to drive, but to look at as well.


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