Half a Million Dollar Alarm Clock… Ferrai Racecar Wakes Up Crew Member With No Chill

Some people are under the impression that, in most situations, money changes people. However, we don’t really think that’s true at all. Instead, the idea that we prefer to go with is that money doesn’t really change people much but instead, the pranks can tend to get a lot bigger. I’m not sure about you but, to me, no matter how much money we have, my friends would probably always spend a good amount of time messing with each other. That looks to be exactly the case here as even though a higher budget racing team is the subject of discussion here, they take a little bit time out of the day to have some fun with the odd man out.
Personally, I have quite an issue waking up for my alarm clock. However, this time, we see an alarm clock that probably would never have the issue of failing to carry out its one and only responsibility. Instead, this one actually takes it to the next step entirely, taking the liberty of completely blowing out your eardrums as it makes sure that you are nice and awake. I guess that if your friends are going to be up to a little bit of trickery like this, it might be a good idea to try your hardest to not fall asleep around them.
Follow along as this one guy does make that very mistake of falling asleep and the race car is backed up to him, being started up before the throttle on the Ferrari opens up, letting out that menacing pitch that makes sure that sleeping beauty ends up waking up before the ball. Follow along in the video below and be sure to tell us if this is something that your friends would try to do to you and how you would react if you were awakened by a machine that’s this loud, threatening to leave your ears ringing for weeks on end.

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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