H20i, the Country’s Biggest Show for Stance Gets Canned, OCMD Shuts it Down

Oh, H20i… I think that you saw this one coming from a mile away and you could have stopped it.
If you are familiar with some of the bigger car shows around the country, H20i might be one of those shows that you have heard of and the reasoning might not be the greatest. It’s really hard to argue that an entire group of anyone should be kicked out of a city, given that a lot of stance fans probably aren’t that rowdy when they go to an event like this but from the amount of videos and stories that you see from people driving like idiots, fights breaking out, and just common immaturity unfolding every which way that you look in Ocean City, MD during this weekend, in particular, it really doesn’t come as a shock that the show has been shut down. I guess that a few bad apples spoiled it for the whole bunch this year.
Personally, I would think that, as someone who believes that enthusiasts should be entitled to their opinions and be able to enjoy their own vehicle type without being hassled, that the city would elect to just let them keep coming and laying on the tickets but it’s clear that Ocean City has revolted against the car show that features mostly stance vehicles. If you’re not familiar with what that means, basically, the goal in mind is to do anything and everything that you possibly can to drop your car down to the ground as low as it will go. Anything else is fair game. The more original and out there, the better.
When it came down to it, the people who organized the actual event that would probably prefer to not associate themselves with the shenanigans that you see happening around the city, say that basically, no venue in town would want to have them at this point. Via an official release on their website, the organizers behind H20i say that with “changes in venue options and a diminishing timeline, it is necessary to delay the event until 2018.” It’s not 100% clear if that means that venues wouldn’t have them because of the crowd that the event tends to attract, although that seems to be the case, or because of other reasons entirely, but the fact of the matter is that the official H20i is a no go this year, in 2017.
On a side note, we wouldn’t be shocked if the whole crew showed up anyway, turning OCMD into their playground once again. Obnoxious or not, you really have to wonder what the city is thinking by not facilitating an event that probably brings in mounds of capital to subsidize what is probably the point in time where tourism is beginning to slow for the year. The tickets alone don’t even really seem like a big deterrent for this crowd.

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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