This Guy Rides His Harley Like a Maniac! Crazy Sharp Turns!

Most of the time, when you think of hitting the twisties on two wheels, you think of a sport bike such as Honda’s CBR series or Yamaha’s YZF-R bikes.
However, if you have the experience and courage, you can definitely take the curves with a cruiser, like this guy is doing on his Harley Davidson. Despite the added weight and drastically different rider position, this guy is still hanging it all out as he whips thought these curves. He fearlessly leans deep into each curve, shifting his weight back and forth to help the hefty cruiser maintain traction, nearly laying his knee on the asphalt like a seasoned pro motorcycle racer. At one point, the rider gets a little throttle happy and almost sweeps the rear tire out from under him, but he quickly gathers the bike up and maintains control, not missing a beat as he leaned into the next curve just as aggressively. This man definitely knows what he’s doing and this is some impressive riding!


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