Girl in Mercedes Takes Up Two Spots in Crowded Lot, Pickup Driver Proceeds to Troll

As automotive aficionados, we have all been in the situation where we have parked away from the crowd in the back of a parking lot in order to avoid door dings from careless people. Sometimes, we might’ve even gone to the next level, taking up more than one parking space to ensure that nobody would park next to us and kind of get the idea that we wish to be left alone. However, if you take up more than one space, I think that it’s general etiquette to make sure that the lot is fairly empty and that you’re parked somewhere near the rear of the lot as to not take up too many of the “good spots.”
This time, however, we catch up with a girl driving a Mercedes-Benz who decided to take up a couple of parking spots as we previously mentioned, however, instead of doing so in the back of the parking lot where it wouldn’t bother anybody, she basically pulled up in Grand Central Station and staked her claim, doing other people an injustice by taking on more than one spot in the most inconvenient place possible. It would just so turnout that the idea wouldn’t sit too well with a truck owner who decided that he would take his time to confront her about it after blocking the car in.
I feel like parking like that is the kind of thing that people would be willing to do if they feel like nobody would call them out about it but when somebody did take the time to call this girl out about the issue, it would get rather awkward and she didn’t really know what to say. Before long, he does let her off the hook but, I think with something even as simple as this, the driver in question probably will think twice next time before she heads out to park her car. Perhaps, common courtesy will be at the top of her priority list next time, or at least one would hope


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