Get A Load Of This Phenomenal 1967 Shelby GT500!


There has been a ton of fabulous looking muscle cars over the years, but among them, 1967 Shelby GT500 holds a very special place. As some of you probably already know, in 1967 Mustangs were going through a redesign process, and thus, Shelby cars also suffered a lot of changes.
When it comes to Shelby vehicles, most enthusiasts agree that they reached peak form in 1965, with a phenomenally lightweight and yet powerful ride which simply blew away the competition. Only two years after that, they have become a lot more comfortable for regular people. Ultimately, that was a brilliant business move, as buyers rarely used their GTs for racing, and wanted something more usable in every day life.
However, the GT500 was still an incredibly fast vehicle, sporting a massive big block engine for the first time ever. With that in mind, it’s clear why performances were amazing, but styling was the thing that separated it the most. Till this day, it’s one of the finest looking machines ever made.
To find out more details on this monster, click on the video.


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