This Gender Reveal Has The Best Ending Yet! A Race To The Finish!


With the advent of drones, GoPro cameras and the massive educational resource that is the internet, everybody can turn the most pedestrian of announcements into an exciting video announcement.
Gender reveals used to consist of gathering your friends at a shower or brunch and announcing, in unison to make it more dramatic, “IT’S A GIRL!” or “IT’S A BOY!” Today’s expectant parents have the tools and technology at their disposal to make their gender reveal something friends and family get excited about, and many of them even go viral and are seen by millions.
This gender reveal, however, sets the bar WAY up there for any parents in the automotive world. The parents-to-be take to the drag strip for head-to-head race where the winner determines the baby’s gender! Mom, in a gorgeous red first generation Chevy Camaro representing “Team Girl”, lines up with dad, who’s behind the wheel of a badass blue Mustang representing “Team Boy”, for a heads up race while friends and family cheer them on from the sidelines! It’s a back and forth race, with the winner pulling ahead right at the finish.
You’ll have to watch to see who took the win, though! Check it out, it’s the most fun we’ve ever had learning if a baby is going to be a boy or girl!


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