🎥 Garage With Nearly $1 MIllion In Super Cars Destroyed By Hurricane Harvey Flood Waters!

With all that happened down in Houston at the hands of Hurricane Harvey, the result is nothing short of devastating in every form of the word. The hurricane ripped through the city multiple times, leaving lots of people in peril, putting in jeopardy not only their possessions but also their lives as they were pelted by all that this the storm had to offer. It really just seemed like a situation that was unrelenting as they couldn’t catch a break there for quite some time. With a situation like this, Mother Nature most certainly doesn’t discriminate as it was ready to plow its way through just about anybody who was in its path, whether or not they had money and resources to weather the conditions.
This time, we take a look at the situation down in Houston as it hit somebody with a little bit of a car collection on hand, completely pelting a garage with its fair share of exotic cars. The tally comes to over $1 million easily as several high dollar machines were completely submerged in the flood waters, leaving them to be worth nothing more than their salvage value. It most certainly wasn’t the biggest loss as it’s important to remember that it could’ve been worse as lives could have been and were put in jeopardy across the city, however, you know that this one had to hurt for the owner of these cars as they all went under in a matter of just hours.
The video below showcases the disaster situation that sucks the supercars up in the wake of the storm. We can’t help but wish the best for everybody in Houston as they are enduring some incredibly rough times right now. It might not seem like it, at the time being, but if you’re reading this and are located in an area that was affected by this group of the storm, the light is ahead of you! There is a better day coming!

Absolutely terrible, our hearts go out to Texas ♥️😢

Posted by Exotic Collective on Thursday, August 31, 2017

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