🎥 Funny High School Prank! Kids Use JB Weld on All School Locks Leaving $2,000 in Damage!

It seems likely these seniors just wanted a day off, but instead they’re going to be in big trouble, if the authorities are able to identify them. The pranksters used JB Weld, an epoxy that dries as hard as metal, to fill all of the external locks on their school building. Anybody who has ever used JB Weld knows exactly what this means: those locks are screwed.
And that’s exactly what the locksmith determined, telling the school personnel that all of the locks would have to be replaced at a cost of roughly $100 each. If the guilty parties are ever identified, they will be on the hook for over $2000 in repairs and will likely be charged with some type of criminal mischief-type charges.
This prank crossed the line between harmless fun and criminal activity, but we can’t deny we’re impressed with the originality and effectiveness, at least as far as limiting access to the school without putting any lives in danger.

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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