Ford self parking car fail – Active park assist may still have a few bugs…


When it comes to parallel parking, there’s a pretty good chance that you might suck at it. That might seem like a little bit harsh of a thing to say but don’t worry because you aren’t alone. We would probably guess that the majority of people who have their license aren’t very good at parallel parking.
In order to aid those who aren’t very good at carrying out this task, automakers have hopped to the drawing board to come up with something that will automatically parallel park your car for you. This is how systems like Ford’s active park assist were born.
We aren’t sure if the user is doing something wrong here, but it looks to us like this attempt to use the feature that automatically parallel parks your car was pretty much an absolute fail. The car ended up on the curb and nowhere near close to being parked in the spot.
Check out the demonstration for yourself in the video below and tell us what you think of this method of parallel parking. If it’s always like this, you’re definitely going to have your fair share of rashed up wheels when you continue to use the artificial intelligence.


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