Ford F450 Black Ops Dually Doing BEAUTIFUL DONUTS IN THE SNOW! This Is The Best Way To Spend The Cold Winter Days!


Driving a Ford F450 Black Ops Dually truck and then suddenly you spot a free parking lot with no cars parked, then what do you do? Yes there you go, you are free to make some donuts on it until you are tired and you want to go home.
Or a few more and then you go home? That was the intention of the driver and owner of this magnificent F450 Black Ops Dually truck, who wanted to make some donuts with his new truck and he did some nice ones, without making any mistake while doing them.
The truck has dually back tires, which means more grip and even better donuts on the snow. Snowy and icy asphalt is a great surface to make some donuts because it is much easier to make them on the snow, the tires have much less grip and they slide on it very nicely.
The engine will not get tired at all while doing donuts in the snow because it has too much power packed ready to be unleashed on the empty parking lot. Great thing that here was a person to take a footage of this great event.


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